ChatGPT Prompts

Our educational tools, specifically designed for ChatGPT and GPT-4, are carefully crafted to enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students. We aim to improve educational outcomes by making learning more engaging, interactive, and personalised. With the help of our AI-powered tools, teachers can effortlessly create and deliver dynamic lessons, assessments, and activities that cater to the unique needs of each student.

One of the key features of our educational tools is the ability to utilise pre-made prompts. These pre-formed prompts are thoughtfully curated sets of instructions or queries that provide a starting point for interactions with ChatGPT and GPT-4. They serve as valuable resources to facilitate specific types of conversations, tasks, or educational objectives. Teachers can download and use these prompts to enhance the learning experience in their classrooms.

For students, our tools provide a distinctive and immersive learning experience that keeps them motivated and engaged throughout their educational journey. We offer personalised study plans, interactive quizzes, and games, all designed to make learning enjoyable and fulfilling. By incorporating pre-made prompts, we ensure that students can access a wide range of educational content and activities that are tailored to their individual learning needs.


Our aim is to transform traditional learning into a fun and rewarding process for students, harnessing the power of ChatGPT and GPT-4 alongside the utilisation of pre-made prompts. These prompts enable teachers to provide a rich and dynamic learning environment while also allowing students to actively participate and interact with the AI models in meaningful ways.

The Benefits of Creating your Own Prompts

Creating your own ChatGPT prompts allows you to customise conversations to your specific needs or interests. It encourages creativity, enhancing your learning as you explore different modes of information exchange. This personalisation supports in-depth enquiries and detailed responses, giving you the ability to steer the conversation’s direction. Moreover, creating prompts assists in training the model more effectively, concentrating on the information most crucial to you. As a result, it aids in decision-making, problem-solving and personal development. Overall, personalising ChatGPT prompts ensures you gain the most relevant and engaging AI experience possible.




This prompt is designed to act as a personal tutor in their work with a student who is struggling with a specific concept within a given subject at a certain level. The prompt instructs the tutor to start by asking the student about their level, subject, and the specific concept that they are having trouble with. Providing a clear set of instructions for how to create an effective and supportive learning experience.



With our all-in-one research essay toolkit. This powerful resource equips you with everything you need to craft an exceptional essay that leaves a lasting impression. From a well-crafted thesis statement to persuasive supporting arguments and a compelling conclusion. Citing in Harvard, APA, MLA, or Chicago style, an annotated bibliography.



Boost your teaching with our comprehensive lesson planning guide! It helps you outline objectives, identify key concepts, sequence lessons, allocate resources, and devise teaching and assessment strategies.



The prompt is a custom-made storyboard for an e-learning module on the topic of your choice. This storyboard provides a comprehensive plan for creating an engaging and effective e-learning module, on-screen text or content, voiceover or narration script, multimedia elements, interactive elements, and navigation instructions.



This prompt creates technical guides for users with varying technical backgrounds to get started with the basic functionalities of software. With clear and concise instructions, helpful visual aids, and best practices, users can easily learn how to use the software.



Create a mark scheme, submit students work and have this automatically marked against the rubric or marks scheme. This provides constructive feedback on how they can improve. This approach provides a consistent way to assess the student’s work and identify areas for improvement. Mark an essay in seconds!



To use the tool, the teacher first specifies the topic and grade level for the worksheet they want to create. The tool then generates a comprehensive worksheet that covers diverse topics and learning objectives, taking into account the specified grade level. The teacher can customize the worksheet as needed, adding or removing questions, or adjusting the difficulty level of the questions.



The purpose of this script is to provide a structured approach for creating high-quality, engaging content for an E-Learning course. The first part outlines the topic and its objectives, while the second part focuses on writing the actual narrations for the E-Learning topic.



The function of this prompt is to provide teachers with a set of questioning strategies for a chosen level and topic, aimed at enhancing student engagement, critical thinking skills, and promoting a collaborative and intellectually stimulating classroom environment.



The prompt asks an instructional designer to create a training program using the ADDIE model, which involves Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The designer should consider the target audience, objectives, course format, delivery methodology, and necessary adjustments to ensure an engaging and effective learning experience.