E-Learning Design


Our Expertise

With over 20 years involved with Education and , we can help you take your existing face to face course and convert this into , dynamic and pedagogically sound content.

Converting face to face learning into elearning is not just a matter of placing your existing resources online, this just creates an electronic version of existing content, this method is know to produce the least engaging method of online learning. We are experienced in Learning  Theory and Instructional Design, using ADDIE, Gagnes, Blooms Taxonomy among others, helping us to create dynamic, responsive, adaptive and meaningful online learning provision.


Structure your course using sound pedagogy to facilitate the best possible learning.


Create scenario based learning, elicit real live context and encourage application of knowledge.


Transcribe your text based script into visual, media rich, interactive elements.


Create appropriate assessment methods to capture depth of learning based against objectives.


Design activities to complement your learning objectives and make a course dynamic.


Design content that takes into account learning styles, making the course adaptive to requirements.

 No boundaries

Expand teaching beyond the confines of your classroom, 24/7 access, anywhere anytime any place

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Saves time

Course create can be implemented and rolled out quicker and at less cost.

Teaching and Learning

Expand on the ways you can teach and how students can access and learn content.

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Assess, Track and Feedback

Assess your students online using quizzes, assignments, peer reviews etc. Give feedback instantly for formative or summative assessment and track and share their progress.

Examples of Our e-Learning Content Creation


Examples of H5P Authoring Tool