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Free ISO training courses.


Indicates that the main clients will be professionals in area of various ISO standards.


Provision of knowledge of particular standard on various expert level (e.g. ISO 9001 Foundation, ISO 9001 Internal Auditor, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor using a MOOC format.

Define the level of engagement, interactivity, and accessibility.

Level of engagement is in the form of a MOOC including the following specific requirements:-

  • See the course for free (whole course)… review it and cannot see exam.
  • Self registration
  • pay for certification but course is free… gives them access the exam and certificate if they pass the exam
  • will have access to exam feedback and certificate after class is completed
  • Needs to be able to verify the identity prior to and during exam
  • language packs
  • mass email feature
  • uses Infusionsoft for their CRM (will need an api to do)
  • Uses Blue Snap for payment gateway
  • Add forums for Q&A
  • Ease of use for the student
  • Want some moderate customization features for the theme.
  • Nice to have badges but not necessary
  • Will want to stream video
  • GoToWebinar integration
  • certificate (trackable certificate)
  • exam

Review of Commercial and non commercial Learning Management Systems

Review and research of Examination Proctoring Services


Identified typical LMS requirements,  all the 4 options suggested cover the standard and typical requirements of a Learning Management System, therefore are comparable in functionality.

Identifng the costings, three criteria were used:-

  • Set up cost
  • Monthly or student cost
  • Yearly Cost

Commercial LMS were more expensive than self-hosting (Moodle and WPLMS). However self hosting costs will increase with increasing numbers of students, mainly due to the requirements of using a semi-dedicated or dedicated server.

Identified the specific requirements requested by the client. There are strong compatibilities between the commercial and hosted LMS. The only and key variations are seen in the requirements for:-

InfusionSoft, were only WPLMS has the integration option without the need to design or create a plugin for an api.

Use of Blue Snap payment gateway was only available in the WPLMS.

All had comparability for GotoWebinar, however Moodle (Scholar LMS) doesn’t have this options.

The greatest diversity from the requirement is the exam proctor(online monitoring of exams). Only one LMS has the ability to embed a Proctor directly in to the system this is Moodle(Scholar LMS). However all the LMS’s would be capable of being monitored using ProctorU which is external to the LMS, but can monitor a student’s computer indirectly and using a physical presence in the form of a proctor. The implications of this are the costs involved, this would need to be assessed prior to decision.


If ease of use and quick set is required I would suggest a commercial LMS, however be aware that there are limitations in that there is less flexibility and less integration with other software such as a CRM.

For flexibility/scalability and lower cost, a WordPress LMS or Moodle LMS would suffice, the drawbacks in terms of your requirements could be the set up time, which typically is about 4 weeks.


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