Winstanley College

Further Education College 2015/2016

Stage 1 Approached directly via Further Education College 2015 initially to do Moodle training with staff consisted of one morning and one afternoon session, 15 staff in each session. This was to review what is moodle, and basic functions and use of Moodle in a Further Education establishment. Moodle training booklet create and bespoke to the College needs.

Stage 2 Initial Research Consultation and initial research. Formulation of Action Plan and implementation strategy. Outline of themes and concept of Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards. Design of Template Research of  and recommendation on the “Best Design and Development” of Moodle Course Content Upgrade of Moodle to 3.0 Upgrade and modification of current Moodle Installation at the College (2.6) to Moodle 3.0, the most current stable version available at time of installation. This work completed by E-TeachUK Ltd and development partner (SemiDot Infotech PVL). With Standard Theme Design and development of New standard theme, College Log, Social Media links, Course area set up, front end design using existing Themes eg Hoxa, Lambda, Oliver…decided in consultation with the College. Addition of Functionality and Plugins E-TeachUK, researched the requirements of the College staff  in terms of additional functionality, recommended and then implemented the addition of several Plugins.These included…

  • Checklist
  • Progress Bar
  • Level Upmoodle-theme-example-e-teachuk
  • Badges
  • People

Staff Survey/Report Completion of Online Staff Survey (using Google Documents) to establish a base level of staff current competency and relate this to the intended Gold Silver Bronze scheme. Training of 30+ Staff members The Training of staff in small group and one to one sessions. Guidance to achieve the required level of competency for individual staff, all to achieve at least Bronze Level by June 2016.


MJR Learning Consultancy Ltd

Winstanley College

June 2015


Moodle 3.0

Theme Lambda

Plugin Installation





Project Management

Moodle Design/ Development




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