Ai Courses for Teachers and Educators

MJR Learning Academy offers innovative AI-assisted tutoring with tools like SmartAide and Prompt Prodigy. Emphasizing a learner-centered approach, it integrates technology into education, catering to individual learning styles and needs. The founder, with a background in eLearning and instructional design, provides dynamic online courses and resources. The academy’s focus is on empowering educators and students through the use of cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring continual skill development in the evolving educational landscape.

Use of AI Assisted Tutoring

We’ve embraced the extraordinary potential of AI Assisted Tutoring, a ground-breaking approach that transforms how students learn and interact with educational material. Our AI Assistant Tutors SmartAide provide a unique, individualized learning experience. Offering tailored guidance, resources, and feedback.

The courses at MJR Learning Academy are designed to enhance learners’ skills in utilizing AI tools effectively in educational contexts. They focus on integrating AI into teaching and learning processes, aiming to empower educators and students with the latest AI technology. These courses provide knowledge and practical skills to navigate the evolving landscape of AI-assisted education, supporting continual professional and personal development in this field.