Instructional Design Process

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We are a company that specialises in the development and design of engaging e-learning courses. Our team has extensive experience in instructional design and its applications to online learning. We also have extensive experience with ADDIE and SAM along with other Learning models used to develop effective training programs.

Our comprehensive approach to instructional design will help you develop a curriculum that is aligned with your organisation’s goals and objectives. We start by conducting a needs assessment that identifies the competencies and skills needed by your employees to achieve those goals. Next we create a learning model that includes all of the elements needed for effective instruction. Finally we create a prototype of your course using one of our robust authoring tools which allows you to review each module before it goes live for delivery via your or our secure platform.

Instructional Design - Project Management

Implementing LMS (APTEM)

About this project

This was an in house project, including the entire implementation and learning cycle of a new Learning Management System for an Adult and Apprenticeship training organisation. The project was initiated Oct 2021 and completed and went live Oct 2022.

The project was developed around using ADDIE, both for the LMS structuring and design and the redesign of interactive, innovative eLearning content.



Design | Development Phases

  • Scope Analysis

  • Design of LMS and Learning Content

  • Development of Curriculum/ Learning Plans on the LMS

  • Development of eLearning and Learning content (RISE)

  • Implementation (total project time 12 months)

  • Evaluation (Feedback and amends)


The scope and analysis involved cross teams meetings between the Head of IT, Curriculum, L&I and Quality.

Recognised there were two aspect to the projected:

a) Design | Development of the LMS 

b) Design | Development of Learning and eLearning content

Current version (Canvas)

Current Version + Separate Assessment Webinar/ Workshops

Current Version + Separate Assessment Webinar/ Workshops + Granular Assessment

Details of Unit + Separate Granular Assessment

Scoping of the design structure of the LMS and transferring of content and integrity of the existing provision via Canvas LMS.




a) Iterative design of the LMS 

b) Design of Learning and eLearning content using RISE 360, Synthesia, HP5, Articulate Storyline.

Customise Settings

Structure Design

Included Content and Format

Typical Instructions

Curriculum Structure for APTEM (LMS)

Design phase it was decided to convert existing learning content and eLearning content into a user friendly encapsuled format using RISE 360.

This enabled the use of Instructional Design process and the implementation of learning theory models such as Gagnes, Blooms Taxonomy and Guerras Scale. 


Development of the LMS, with the initial development of a standardised Curriculum Structure.

Development of Learning and eLearning content based on using Gagnes Nine Event of Instructions learning methodology.

Design outline

Stimulate Prior Learning and gain Attention

Inform Aims & Objectives

Present Content

Elicit Performance and Provide Feedback

Assess Learning

Enhance Retention

Developing the LMS along a standardised structure and developing the eLearning content in RISE 360, using the principles of Gagnes Nine Events of Instruction.


The implementation phase was an iterative process, along with dry runs, reviews, feedback and amends.

Learning Plan

Digital Content Presentation


Feedback | Mark Criteria

Uploading the created RISE content as SCORM packages to the predesigned Learning Plan created within the LMS.

Mapped against KSB criteria, Assessment Programme and Webinar scheduling.

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