M.J.R Learning Consultancy Ltd is a specialist provider of . Our expertise is based on 20 years teaching of which 10 of those was as e-learning innovator and champion in a UK Technical College. We have successfully introduced Learning Management Systems to educational and corporate environments both nationally and internationally, which have resulted in a tangible increase in student learning success rates.
Our approach begins by assessing the organisations’ specific needs, current learning environment and tools. Once we have understood this we would then recommend the most appropriate system to suit needs. We would then progress with the implementation of the selected Learning Management System and carry out any training needs to ensure staff and students understand how to use the system to best effect.

Mark Rollins M.Sc. B.Sc.(Hons) Cert. Ed, PgDip E-Learning.








Innovative and creative Director facilitating the accreditation and running of training courses specifically in the Education Sector. A particular role in the creation and maintaining of e-learning portals and content.

E-Learning developer,  Moodle and WordPress e-learning course creator.


M.J.R Learning Consultancy Ltd, founded in 2013, passionate about the use of and innovative use of Learning Management Systems business.

Nearly twenty years experience in F.E. and H.E. provision, past Senior Lecturer and author of several manuals on Moodle and E-Learning.


“Engaging students in the use of VLEs”.


E-learning, Moodle Certified Teacher, Adobe Captivate 6. WordPress, Website Design (SEO)and pedagogically sound course design, adaptive learning and semantic search engines.

Designated E-Leader

Responsible for the development and dissemination of e-learning technology and CPD and in particular advancement of the Environment.


Published several successful manuals on the use of Moodle and e-learning with over 62,000 readers for my “Illustrated Guide to Moodle”.

  • Moodle 3.0 for Teachers:-An Illustrated Guide Lulu   March 1, 2016 Author: Mark Rollins
  • Moodle 2 Engage Students: An Illustrated Guide April  2013 Author: Mark Rollins
  • Moodle 2.0 For Teachers an Illustrated Guide Lulu   May 1, 2011 Authors: Mark Rollins
  • Moodle 2.6 For Teachers: An Illustrated Guide, 2014 Author Mark Rollins
  • Guerra Scale and Moodle.Lulu 2011, Author: Mark Rollins Guerra Scale and Moodle By Mark Rollins
  • Moodle and Blooms Taxonomy. Sep 2011, Author: Mark Rollins
  • Using Moodle to Complete a Knowledge Survey. Lulu   May 1, 2010 Authors: Mark Rollins.
  • Effective Uses of Quizzes in Moodle. Lulu   May 1, 2010 Author: Mark Rollins
  • Using Lessons in Moodle: An Illustrated Guide, 2010, Author: Mark Rollins
  • Moodle for Teachers: An Illustrated Guide, 2010, Author: Mark Rollins

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Thanks Mark, this has been a most helpful, in-depth report with very valid recommendations

Very pleased with the work that Mark has provided by adding some new functions to my Moodle course, making  valuable changes and advising me- thanks for your good work Mark.


Director, NARPSUK