What is an AI Chatbot?

What is an AI Chatbot?

What is a chatbot and how can these be utilises in and what are their potential impacts?
Chatbots and AI are one of the hot topics in the field of corporate learning, a Chatbot, short for Chat Robot use AI algorithms trained to provide learners content using conversational methods over the internet via “auditory or textual methods”.
Artificial intelligence is a broad term used to describe any technology that emulates human intelligence, such as by understanding complex information, drawing its own conclusions and engaging in natural dialog with people. (Pierce & Hathway, 2018)
The most common chatbots are Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Sire, Cortana and WebChat, with several development platforms existing, such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and Snatchbot.

Uses and Impacts

Role of Guide
In a simulated learning environment, bots play the role of a guide and interact with the learner, instructing them throughout the learning program. ( Guha , 2018).

Reinforce learning experience
Bots reinforce your learning experience by imparting relevant information at certain intervals, in response to various triggers. ( Guha , 2018).

Answer Knowledge questions
Subject matter experts (SME) will no longer train people at regular intervals, they will train robots who will, in turn, train the end users. SMEs will provide chatbots with instructions on how to learn, after which point the bots will analyze, learn, and answer questions.

Conversational Course Assessment
Conversational Course Assessments & Student Ratings Using a chatbot to collect feedback is the ultimate compromise between a qualitative and a quantitative research method. Eg Hubert…at present surveys consist of Likert type questions resulting in having to read between the lines, whilst deeper text using qualitative data, can provide richer and deeper understanding by being able to dig considerably deeper than regular open-ended comments by asking follow-up questions and finding out why the student answered the way he/she did… https://blog.hubert.ai/how-chatbots-and-text-analytics-will-replace-surveys-in-education/

Data Analytics
Data analytics in eLearning and uses it to predict the training outcomes.

Although AI is immature at the moment compared to its ultimate eventual impact, its learning potential in learning content creation.
The use of Bots and AI in the is not merely a cost-saving solution, but also provides new way of looking at personalised education. ( Guha , 2018).

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