Welcome to M.J.R. Learning Consultancy Ltd.

Welcome to MJR Consultancy Ltd.

mjr-learning-consutlancyNew Branding

On 2 November 2016, E-TeachUK Ltd changed its name to MJR Learning Consultancy Ltd. This is in recognition of a greater demand for providing Learning Consultancy services to our clients.
With over 20 years’ experience in teaching and a passion for using in learning, MJR Learning Consultancy has a unique understanding of how to apply e-learning techniques into practice to bring greater results.
The beauty of E-Learning is that it enables teachers and tutors to expand teaching beyond the confines of the classroom. For students, a well structured Learning Management System (LMS) will provide access to a wide and varied library of resources 24/7; anywhere, anytime and on any device.

For teachers and tutors, a properly managed LMS will provide the ability to assess, track, monitor students’ usage and provide feedback in real-time. For the college or training provider, a captivating and dynamic LMS will increase student engagement and ultimately success rates.
The world of e-learning is continually evolving and MJR Learning Consultancy is passionate about remaining at the forefront of the opportunities that advances in technology can open up the possibilities of e-learning.
Contact Mark today for further information and a no obligation assessment of your current LMS, your learning needs and how you can increase student results.


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