MICRO- Learning



Efficient and Effective way possible to train/teach people that doesn’t resemble traditional teaching approach, but is accessible and varied.

No just a dumping of original materials, or taking original and chopping it up and putting on-line.

Micro-Learning is described as “Granular”. Each lesson is a single unit, but serves as part of a holistic objective, allowing you to watch any lesson in any order.

Micro-Learning is:-

  • Flexible
  • Learner Driven

(You can skip over and review content and modular, this helps with the adaption in the future and is cost effective.)

  • Content that appeals to a digital audience.

Key Principles

Needs to be short and finds “application” points (ie the few essential items required to complete a task or objective.)

  • Show and Tell using a 1:1:1 consisting of Bullet Lists
  • Stories and associations
  • Is recursive
  • Top Down understanding.
  • Holistic
  • Rapid Creation

Six Steps to creating Micro-Learning

Six main steps:-

  • Determine Learning
  • Design instructional:-
    • Goal
    • Type of content
    • Technology
    • Target audience
    • Budget
  • Content Audit

Start at highest level then show organised logical progressive, separate essential from secondary materials.

  • Use visuals, they are good for working memory
  • Choose a format and use methods. Make it meaningful and relevant
  • Use one screen with one click information with storyboarding.


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