Digital Success


Last month, McGraw-Hill Education released the findings of its 2016 Digital Study Trends Survey, the latest edition of an annual report that looks at how college students use digital .

The study confirmed a trend that we’ve seen in past surveys – that college students are increasingly using digital technology and find it helpful across a wide variety of activities.

However, 84 percent of students feel that there are still ways that they could be using digital learning technology to make their education better, and 79 percent feel that the same is true for university and teaching staff.

Two-thirds of students report that technology and online quizzes are very or extremely helpful in learning retention, and most college students agree or strongly agree that digital learning technology should adapt to their unique way of learning (89 percent) and be individualized (80 percent).

Digital learning technology leads not only to better grades, but to improvements throughout students’ academic lives: 82 percent of students say digital learning technology allows them to spend more time studying through increased accessibility, and 63 percent of students say it makes them feel better prepared for class.


by Sally Shankland

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