Adaptive Learning using a Moodle Learning Management System

Adaptive using Moodle LMSbooklet-cover

A review of Methods and how they could be incorporated into the Moodle Learning Management System.


There are many e-learning platforms on the market and the majority produce a linear format, rigid learning paths, links to resources links to hypertext and provide the same content to all students regardless of individual ability (Surjono, 2014) and as stated “course material is still implicitly oriented for traditional on campus audience…. consisting of homogeneous, well prepared and well-motivated students.”
However, with growing global, international aspects the and learner have “different back ground knowledge levels and learning capabilities.” (Surjono, 2014).
This method of online delivery could not be suitable for all students therefore course material needs to be flexible….and suitable for individual learners and a specific learning path………….

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