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Machine Learning Technology

  1. (There are also some platforms that teach students noncognitive skills; Education Week recently reported how schools are using online gaming to cultivate students’ social-emotional skills.) Also, technology can help teachers deliver differentiated instruction by assessing students’ needs and strengths.
  2. For example, technology like software and personalized learning playlists can deliver basic content instruction, so teachers can work with students individually or in small groups to develop social and emotional skills and provide .
  3. Technology “can’t just be used as a substitute for traditional teaching,” Arnett said, and “if it’s implemented in a way that looks like we’re plugging kids into computers for hours and hours a day, I don’t think we’d have a positive reception.” But when teachers and schools use the tools wisely, technology can truly transform the profession, he said.
  4. “I think we’re still a few years away from fully realizing the potential of what technology can do for teachers, and there’s still a lot of innovation to happen to get us there,” Arnett said in an interview with Education Week Teacher.
  5. Probably not, despite some fears that it might—but technology can help enhance and supplement the teaching profession, writes Thomas Arnett, the senior research fellow for the Christensen Institute, a nonpartisan think tank that focuses on innovation, in a new white paper.



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