Key of 3.2

Better navigation with Boost

A new themeBoost improves navigation within and between courses.

Easier editing with Boost

Gear menus in the new Boost theme enhance the editing experience.

User-friendly messaging and alerts

Quickly access messages and notifications wherever you are on the site .

Media player improvements

Your favourite video types display across devices and browsers with subtitle and caption support…

Interactive report charts

Interactive and responsive charts now show reports dynamically to course participants.

Discussion locking

Easily close forum discussions after a period of inactivity.

Assignment overrides

Easily change assignment deadlines for individuals or groups.

User tours

This new feature lets you take your users, step-by-step, around Moodle.

Competency frameworks import and export

Competency frameworks may now be imported, exported and easily shared between sites.

Mobile app out of the box

More features than ever now work directly from the Moodle Mobile app.

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