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What is Moodle…….

Moodle is a designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.

Moodle is a learning platform that enhances the existing learning environment. As an E-learning tool, it has a wide range of standard and innovative features such as calendar and Gradebook.

Moodle is a leading Virtual learning environment  and can be used in many types of environments such as , training and development and business settings.



What we can offer.

Course Creation

E-Learning Portal Creation

Theme upload/theme development


 Instructional design, development of Pedagogically sound course and content



Why Moodle and why training:-

(Ofsted, 2009) concluded “VLEs were least effective when they had little content or were just a dumping ground for rarely used files.” and that provider should  “ensure that VLEs are designed to enhance learning and are not just a storage or communication facility ”

The role of staff is obviously important in the student’s engagement with the VLE, indeed increase use of the VLE from staff encouragement is vital, a statement reinforced by Ofsted “a significant increase in VLE usage was directly linked with formal tutor encouragement in the class-room “.

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